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Famous people leave bizarre things in their wills

November 27 2013

Writing a will is often a tedious process but has to be done to make sure your loved ones are not caught up in high inheritance tax laws. Click here to read more

Changes in Employment Law

November 20 2013

Last month saw many changes come into effect regarding employment law. These will change the way in which some companies are run so here at Grahame Stowe-Bateson, we have a rundown of the new amendments. Click here to read more

Government is failing to support divorcing couples

November 13 2013

One of the UK’s leading mediators has criticised the government’s support for divorcing couples. Addressing a letter to Lord McNally, Mr Mark Lopatin said the number of couples inquiring about formal mediation reduced by 50%. Click here to read more

Michelle and Scot Young back in Court

October 30 2013

One of the biggest and most bitter divorce cases returns to the court of justice tomorrow as Michelle and Scot Young seek to finally end their dispute. Click here to read more

Crime rates continue to fall in Leeds

October 23 2013

Here at Graeme Stowe-Bateson we like to provide some positive news as we understand that dealing with the law can appear to send out bad news connotations. One of the pieces of news we have received is that the crime rate in Leeds and West Yorkshire as a whole is continuing to drop. Click here to read more

Young carers will receive more support under bill changes

October 16 2013

The government will help and support young carers as they have set about changes to amend the Children and Families Bill, making changes to family law. Click here to read more

Mental Health Problems do not have to be faced alone

October 09 2013

Mental health issues and the law surrounding it can be extremely complicated, with people often put off by the stigma is creates around the person. Click here to read more

Divorce is rarely simple

October 02 2013

Grahame Stowe-Bateson are leading solicitors in Leeds and have assembled a knowledgeable team regarding many different legal sectors, including criminal law, family law and mental health law. Click here to read more

Why you should make a Will

September 25 2013

With the Will Aid campaign coming up in just over a month we want to raise a few points about why it is important to have a Will. Click here to read more

Bannatyne could have taken life

September 18 2013

Duncan Bannatyne, one of the richest men in the UK and a fierce Dragons’ Den star revealed yesterday that he had to leave the studio and cry after the news his wife was divorcing him. Click here to read more

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