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Drug-driving arrests on the increase

February 23 2016

Since the new laws around drug-driving were introduced last year in England and Wales, the amount of drug-driving based arrests and convictions have increased dramatically according to new government figures. Click here to read more

How to make a divorce as easy as possible for the children

February 17 2016

Aside from the fact that you are splitting up with your husband or wife and that this period of your life may be difficult to overcome and work around, you and your co-parent should ensure that you keep your children happy and informed during the process no matter how smoothly things go. Click here to read more

Three questions to ask when going through a divorce

February 09 2016

A divorce is an understandably stressful and upsetting time for everyone involved. Click here to read more

Increase in unfair will challenges

February 05 2016

The number of relatives challenging wills has increased by 20% over the past decade, according to a recent UK survey. Many think that this is down to younger generations believing that inheritance is a ‘moral obligation’. Click here to read more

Survey reveals worst drivers in Britain

January 27 2016

Young male motorists – often dubbed as ‘boy racers’ – are the worst drivers in the UK, according to a recent survey. Click here to read more

Laws affecting the use of drones

January 15 2016

One of the most popular presents of this past Christmas, drones have had a surge in popularity over recent years. With this has of course come regulation too. Click here to read more

New Year’s Day drink-driving figures rocket

January 07 2016

Thanks to the hard work of numerous awareness campaigns, drink-driving has been in steady decline in recent years. Despite this, many are still consuming alcohol at night, waking up and getting in their car whilst over the limit. Click here to read more

Potentially life-saving information on Clare’s Law

December 23 2015

Designed in 2014 to combat domestic violence, Clare's Law – a scheme created after the sudden death of Clare Wood – has since saved lives. Click here to read more

What is anti-social behaviour and how can you stop it?

December 15 2015

Anti-social behaviour is any activity that is unacceptable and reduces the quality of life for others. This is usually in the form of harassment or distress, but the term can generally be applied very broadly. Click here to read more

What to discuss during a divorce when children are involved

December 11 2015

A divorce is often an upsetting time for everyone: particularly if there are children involved. As many decisions need to be made, keeping all parties happy may seem impossible. Click here to read more

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