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New tobacco laws: what you need to know

May 23 2016

One of the most controversial and impactful laws regarding the sale of tobacco came into force recently, and it has massive implications for the tobacco industry and represents a push by the government to tackle the health crisis the country is facing. Click here to read more

Employment Law Case Study - Disability Discrimination

May 17 2016

Case study written by employment law solicitor Gaynor Beckett Click here to read more

Digital divorce

May 09 2016

The way divorce procedures are handled in the UK (and indeed all over the world) is often criticised by people who have gone through it and legal experts who must deal with it. Click here to read more

Legal highs to be banned

May 03 2016

The blanket ban on legal highs, which was originally due to start on April 6th, will now come into force on May 26th, the Home Office has said. Click here to read more

Technology distracting Yorkshire drivers

April 29 2016

It has been suggested that the use of technology by drivers on the roads of Yorkshire may be putting them at risk of having an accident. While advances in technology may be heading us in the direction of driverless cars, it could also be hindering our safety on the road. Click here to read more

How to start divorce proceedings

April 25 2016

Deciding to apply for a divorce is a huge decision in anybody’s life. It is almost always a decision which brings about overwhelming levels of stress and divisions in the family. Click here to read more

More than half of suspected drug-drivers fail tests

April 13 2016

A staggering 60% of drivers stopped on suspicion of drug-driving are failing roadside tests for illegal substances, according to a new survey of police forces. Click here to read more

What to do if you’ve been unfairly dismissed

April 04 2016

If you feel you have been unfairly dismissed or threatened with dismissal by your employer, there are a number of avenues you can go down to help resolve your problems. Click here to read more

The benefits of using a local solicitor when buying a property

March 30 2016

It may come as a surprise to many, but using a solicitor when buying a property can be one of the most beneficial and stress free things you can do: a trend that seems to be catching on with a lot of Yorkshire residents over recent months. Click here to read more

Divorce fees rise across the UK

March 22 2016

Despite concerns that the new legislation could be discriminating against women, a controversial change to divorce fees came into play this week. Click here to read more

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