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Why is choosing the right solicitor in Leeds so important?

June 25 2014

The vast majority of us will need legal advice at some time in our lives, whether buying a house, in the process of getting a divorce, making a will, setting up your own business, or organising the finances of an elderly relative. Click here to read more

Massive fines for speeding motorists

June 18 2014

Motorists face the possibility of having to pay up to £10,000 after changes were made to the motoring laws in the UK. Click here to read more

Most expensive divorces

June 11 2014

Divorce can be expensive, as any of the following super-rich individuals will no doubt tell you. Click here to read more

Lloyds tighten mortgage lending

June 04 2014

Lloyds Bank, Britain’s largest high street bank has announced its decision to tighten its criteria for mortgage lending, in a bid to combat rising prices in the capital’s housing market. Click here to read more

Max Clifford’s wife gets quickie divorce

May 21 2014

The wife of shamed PR expert Max Clifford has been granted a quickie divorce in a hearing which lasted less than two minutes. Click here to read more

Spanish Children must do housework under new law

May 13 2014

An amendment to a child protection law has been proposed in Spain requiring children to carry out household chores and to be respectful to their teachers. The new measure would oblige all of those under the age of 18 to ‘participate in all areas of family life’ and share the responsibility of caring for the home, regardless of gender. Children would also be required to ‘take positive attitude to learning’. Click here to read more

Stop and Search powers to be changed

May 08 2014

Home Secretary Theresa May has revealed that the police stop and search powers in England and Wales are to be revamped with a brand new code of conduct. Click here to read more

Legal Aid causes rift in parliament

April 30 2014

The Justice Secretary has said that non-UK nationals must not be given legal when fighting court cases. Chris Grayling MP believes that the fact that court cases are brought by citizens of foreign countries using ‘British taxpayers’ money’ undermines ‘faith in the justice system’. Click here to read more

Leveson wants laws to change to protect child victims

April 10 2014

Grahame Stowe Bateson’s Leeds solicitors want to make all parents and children aware of the recent debate surrounding child protection under the justice system. Click here to read more

The legal issues when moving in with your partner

April 03 2014

The popular belief is that once a couple have lived together for two or three years, they each will have the same rights as a married couple Click here to read more

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