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Emotional abuse to become a criminal offence

December 10 2014

At Grahame Stowe Bateson we keep up with current news and trends in the legal industry. Recently, it was announced that Theresa May is to unveil plans to make psychological and emotional abuse a criminal offence with a lengthy prison term. This new law would make it illegal to for someone to exercise ‘coercive control’ over a partner. According to reports the proposals will suggest that those found guilty could face a maximum term of 14 years in prison. Click here to read more

Employment Law: Shared parental leave becomes law

December 02 2014

In recent employment law news, fathers now have almost the same rights as mothers to take leave from work after the birth of their child, as shared parental leave has become law. Click here to read more

What rights do you have if you are not married?

November 24 2014

When a married couple separate and divorce they can look to s25 Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 and make an application to the Family Court for a Financial Order (previously known as ancillary relief) to decide how their assets should be divided. This is not the case for unmarried couples. Click here to read more

The most expensive divorces in history

November 17 2014

Celebrity divorce has been in the news again this week as it has been reported that oil magnate Harold Hamm’s divorce settlement with his ex-wife reached $1 billion (£164 million), making it one of the most expensive divorces in history. Click here to read more

Senior family court judge condemns legal aid system

November 10 2014

A senior family court judge has recently criticised the UK’s legal aid system, after an illiterate mother of four was made to represent herself in a court hearing over the custody of her children. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also has poor sight and hearing. Click here to read more

Oscar Pistorius sentenced to five years in prison

October 21 2014

The Oscar Pistorius case has been one of the most prolific in recent history, mainly due to the fact that it has been heavily covered in the media. Live coverage has meant that the world has been able to watch the case unfold in South Africa. Click here to read more

Are mental health problems still a stigma in the workplace?

October 13 2014

October 10th was World Mental Health Day 2014. Each year the Mental Health Foundation focuses on a type of mental illness to raise awareness, and this year the focus was on schizophrenia. The aim of the day is also to raise awareness and to break the stigma surrounding mental illnesses. Click here to read more

Grahame Stowe Bateson team up with Will Aid 2014 this November

October 07 2014

This year Grahame Stowe Bateson are teaming up with Will Aid again, a nationwide charity fund-raising scheme. Click here to read more

Changes in inheritance law have come into practice

October 06 2014

Recently there have been some changes in inheritance law in England and Wales. The changes regard the rights of people whose spouses or civil partners have died without making a will. Click here to read more

NHS Faces Massive Legal Bill

September 24 2014

An NHS hospital is facing a host of legal troubles after 30 patients were left with impaired vision, as well as pain and discomfort following operations undertaken by Vanguard, a private healthcare company, at an NHS hospital. Click here to read more

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