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Drivers fail to obey 20mph zones

August 25 2016

According to a new study by the Department for Transport, around 84% of drivers failed to obey 20mph speed limits in the UK last year. The figure itself increases at certain times throughout the day, increasing to 95% in the early hours of the morning, with more drivers risking on the spot fines and speed awareness courses. Click here to read more

7 new laws drivers need to know, part 2

August 08 2016

Grahame Stowe Bateson in Leeds want to ensure you are aware of the new motoring laws in Britain in 2016. Here is the second part of the 7 new motoring laws you need to know. Click here to read more

7 new laws drivers need to know, part 1

August 05 2016

Over half of Brits admit to speeding, which is the most common motor law broken in the country, however the Institute of Advanced Motoring has said there are a number of laws being introduced in 2016. Click here to read more

Top tips to choosing the right divorce lawyer for you.

August 02 2016

Divorce can be a messy and exhausting process, no matter the situation, so it is incredibly important to make sure you have the right divorce lawyer on your side. How do you know you have got the right lawyer though? Click here to read more

British public largely unaware of drink driving law

July 27 2016

There has been recent research which suggests public knowledge of the laws surrounding drink driving in England and Wales is lacking. Click here to read more

4 different types of divorce

July 21 2016

Divorces can be a difficult time for everyone involved, yet they do not have to be overly complicated or drawn out. A peaceful divorce can save a lot of mental strain on all involved, as well as emotional pain and psychological effects on children.. Click here to read more

How Brexit could affect the National Family Law

July 14 2016

Since voting to leave the EU, a lot of important debates have gone underway in relation with the overlapping laws in the UK and the EU. One of which is the National Family Law. Click here to read more

What Brexit means for the Mental Health Act

July 08 2016

As a result of the EU referendum, the UK has decided to leave the EU, but what does that mean for the Mental Health Act? Click here to read more

Your rights when buying a second hand car

July 04 2016

Approximately 6 million used cars get sold each year to new drivers and experienced buyers. While most of these transactions go on smoothly, some do not. Click here to read more

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