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Children of divorce better off living with both parents, study suggests

April 28 2015

A recent study into children has suggested that children who live with both parents after they have gotten divorced are less likely to develop psychosomatic health issues. Click here to read more

Five ‘legal’ highs banned in the UK

April 13 2015

Five legal highs have been banned in the UK by the drug minister Lynne Featherstone, including a popular alternative to cocaine, which is currently one of the most used in Britain. Click here to read more

Plans to cut legal aid are to go ahead

March 31 2015

Despite warnings that the proposed plans were ‘a threat to access to justice’, criminal solicitors have failed in their attempt to stop the government from making major legal aid cuts. Click here to read more

Grahame Stowe Bateson prove that where there is a Will, there is a way

March 19 2015

Grahame Stowe Bateson Solicitors, with offices in Leeds and Harrogate, have proved that where there is a Will, there is definitely a way by raising over £8,300 for charity during November 2014’s Will Aid campaign. Will Aid clients were offered a basic Will and asked to consider making a voluntary donation instead of paying the firm’s usual fees. Local will-makers responded with enthusiasm and gave generously. Click here to read more

Police crack down on ‘middle lane hogs’

March 16 2015

New figures released by The Sunday Telegraph show that nearly 10,000 UK motorists have been handed on the spot fines for careless or inconsiderate driving in just one year. Click here to read more

Job applicants can no longer be forced to reveal spent convictions

March 10 2015

In a new change to the Data Protection Act, job applicants can no longer be forced to reveal spent convictions, and employers who do force applicants to reveal this information will be committing a crime themselves. Click here to read more

Proposals for victim’s law published by Labour party

February 24 2015

Labour have published their proposals for victim’s law this week. Click here to read more

New rights on parental leave to come into force in the next few weeks

February 18 2015

Back in December we told you about the new employment law update, which has seen parental leave becoming shared by both parents. New rights on parental leave mean that couples with a baby due after April 5th will be able to share their parental leave. Click here to read more

Report claims half of all siblings put in care are split up

February 13 2015

A recent report by the Family Rights Group has found that half of all siblings who are put into care are split up. To be exact, the report found that 49.5% of siblings in local authority care are split up, and 37% of children who have another sibling in care are not living with that sibling. This also appears to have reasonable regional variation, with almost a half split up from sibling groups in the East Midlands area. Click here to read more

UK motorists could be punished for bad driving abroad

February 13 2015

If new motoring plans go ahead, British drivers could soon be punished in UK courts for bad driving abroad. Click here to read more

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