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How the rich and famous get divorced

November 29 2016

One of the most famous marriages in this day and age is coming to an end. The recent announcement of the divorce of Brad and Angelina has got our team at Grahame Stowe Bateson thinking, how different will their divorce be from a non-famous couple. Click here to read more

Employment law changes this autumn

November 25 2016

Over the past few months, HR practitioners have been getting busy with all of the new changes in employment law, and the workload does not seem to be settling down as we head into Christmas. Click here to read more

3 reasons to choose Grahame Stowe Bateson

November 16 2016

With many law firms based in Leeds, Harrogate, Bradford, and the surrounding Yorkshire areas, ensuring your find the best lawyer for your case can be tricky and time consuming. Click here to read more

A more humane approach for Family Drug and Alcohol Courts.

November 11 2016

There has been new research released this year, relating to the Family Drug and Alcohol Court (FDAC), which suggests that mothers are more likely to abstain from the use of drugs or alcohol for longer, if they are reunited with their children after care proceedings, as well as to cause less disturbance to their family life following the proceedings. Click here to read more

Penalties to increase for drivers using phones

October 28 2016

Due to a big increase in drivers using their mobile phones behind the wheel, the UK government is increasing the penalties for those who get caught. Distracted drivers will receive a harsher penalty beginning in 2017, if they are caught. Click here to read more

Electric bikes and UK law

October 25 2016

Electric bikes are becoming more popular in the UK, and thus the need to clarify the law is growing. While most would assume an electric bike (ebike) is as simple as a motor on a bike, the law surrounding road safety and precautions is not. Click here to read more

Adoption decrease for the first time in years

October 11 2016

The previous year ending in March 2016 sees the first decrease in numbers of children being adopted. Click here to read more

Do driver awareness courses work?

October 05 2016

In 2015, around 1.2 million people opted to go on a Speed Awareness Course, as an alternative to receiving fixed penalty points, according to a government statistic. But how beneficial was this course to making the roads safer in Britain? Click here to read more

Scarborough is the drunk driving capital in the county.

September 08 2016

Over this summer, Scarborough has proved to be the biggest culprits of drunk driving, with some staggering results. Click here to read more

Drivers fail to obey 20mph zones

August 25 2016

According to a new study by the Department for Transport, around 84% of drivers failed to obey 20mph speed limits in the UK last year. The figure itself increases at certain times throughout the day, increasing to 95% in the early hours of the morning, with more drivers risking on the spot fines and speed awareness courses. Click here to read more

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