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Five reasons to use reputable Leeds-based property solicitors

November 25 2015

When buying or selling your Leeds home it is always wise to use the services of a qualified property solicitor in the local area. Here we outline five reasons why... Click here to read more

Why are so many getting divorced after 60?

November 23 2015

A recent BBC article reports that more people are getting divorced after turning 60. Click here to read more

Drivers worrying about technology more than drink-driving

November 10 2015

UK motorists are more worried about fellow drivers getting distracted by technology rather than being over the legal alcohol limit, according to a new report. Click here to read more

Speed cameras blamed for excessive braking

October 30 2015

A recent study has shown that almost 80% of UK speed cameras are causing motorists to brake excessively hard in the hope of avoiding a fine. Click here to read more

Rise in divorce fees causing problems

October 28 2015

The impending increase in divorce fees is likely to see unhappy couples being forced to stay in loveless and/or abusive marriages, according to senior judges. Click here to read more

Five tips for writing a will

October 26 2015

Failing to plan your affairs in advance can quite frankly punish the people that you love most. Click here to read more

Worrying new drink-driving figures released

October 20 2015

Almost a third of UK drivers that drink admit to driving when over the legal alcohol limit, according to recent shocking statistics. Click here to read more

Three reasons to choose Grahame Stowe Bateson

October 07 2015

With numerous solicitors and law firms being based in the Leeds and Yorkshire areas, finding 'the best' is not always easy. Click here to read more

Judge criticises media divorce coverage

September 29 2015

A senior family court judge has this week acknowledged that the regulations concerning the media’s reporting of how divorcees divide up their assets are ‘chaotic’. Click here to read more

Grandparents and their rights

September 21 2015

Though grandparents may not necessarily have an automatic right to keep in contact with their grandchildren, this does not mean that they possess no rights whatsoever. Click here to read more

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