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Former Big Brother contestant banned and fined for drink driving

August 29 2014

A former Big Brother contestant and glamour model has been banned and fined £275 for drink driving. Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace was on her way home from a charity fundraiser when she was caught at almost twice the legal limit. Click here to read more

Family Law Update

August 28 2014

April 2014 saw significant changes to family law and the introduction of a Family Court across England and Wales. Click here to read more

Updating Wills is much like saving a document on a PC

August 20 2014

Despite the continuing reminders by solicitors, family friends and other individuals, writing a will or amending a will is something which some families still do not do. Our Leeds based lawyers believe this needs to change. Click here to read more

The legal issues when moving in together

August 13 2014

Despite increasingly liberal social attitudes towards non-marital cohabitation, the law remains resolutely conservative, giving very little credence to the notion that non-married partners have rights grounded in their decision to live together. Click here to read more

Mismanagement of wills court battles triple

August 06 2014

As professional solicitors who leave no page unturned in the pursuit of effective and fair wills, we were sadden to hear that the number of claims made against executors of wills had increased. Click here to read more

Forced marriage now a criminal act

July 30 2014

Our leading solicitors in Yorkshire always keep one step ahead of the game. Last month a new law was passed and here is our blog informing you about what it means. Click here to read more

Robin Thicke to give his estranged wife divorce

July 25 2014

Grahame Stowe Bateson has a team of highly qualified divorce lawyers who work on some of the biggest divorce cases in the Leeds area. With this in mind they constantly look at previous cases and those which are currently happening. Click here to read more

Full service solicitors in Leeds

July 16 2014

At Grahame Stowe Bateson, we are delighted to offer a legal service in Leeds that covers a broad area of issues. Our solicitor team includes the very finest lawyers in the Yorkshire region and we have a highly experienced criminal defence section within our practice. Click here to read more

Legal aid cuts

July 09 2014

An ‘impasse’ has been reached in the case of a convicted sex offender who is seeking contact with his seven-year-old son, for which the man has failed to obtain legal aid. Click here to read more

Why is choosing the right solicitor in Leeds so important?

June 25 2014

The vast majority of us will need legal advice at some time in our lives, whether buying a house, in the process of getting a divorce, making a will, setting up your own business, or organising the finances of an elderly relative. Click here to read more

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