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Legal Secretary required for Harrogate Office

March 13 2014

The expanding Harrogate branch of Grahame Stowe Bateson is looking for a Legal Secretary to add to our Criminal Department. Click here to read more

London grand prix could happen after changes to motoring laws

March 12 2014

Jenson Button has confirmed his continued support for a grand prix around the streets of London. Back in 2012, Button and his then-teammate at McLaren, Lewis Hamilton, fronted a campaign by Formula One sponsors, Santander to bring the idea to fruition. Click here to read more

Is English divorce law changing to accommodate pre-nuptial agreements?

March 07 2014

The Law Commission has recommended changes to divorce law in England that would make pre-nuptial agreements legal binding. Long a popular and not to mention legally-binding aspect of divorce in the United States, pre-nuptial agreements currently have relatively little basis in English law, despite a ruling the Supreme Court from 2010 which ruled that such agreements can be binding in ‘the right case’. Click here to read more

Solicitors warned in Phishing Scam

February 26 2014

Grahame Stowe Bateson is one of many solicitors in Leeds that have been warned about a new email phishing scam targeted within the profession. Click here to read more

Motoring Fine for former North Wales Police Chief Constable

February 19 2014

A former Chief Constable in Wales, who was very strict regarding motoring fines during his eight year tenure, has himself been caught for a motoring offence, given a ticket for having an out of date tax disc. Click here to read more

More mentally ill patients in UK hospitals

February 12 2014

An alarming number of people are being detained for mental health treatment as records continue to tumble across the UK. Click here to read more

Solicitors Leeds

February 06 2014

Grahame Stowe Bateson are leading solicitors in the Leeds area, specialising in criminal law, family law and mental health law. Click here to read more

Bieber arrested for drink and drug driving

January 29 2014

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber was arrested last week in the USA for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Click here to read more

Mental Health - The information behind it

January 22 2014

Mental Health issues affect a lot of people over the world, but just how many people live with the problem in Leeds is a startling number. Across the World, 1 in 4 people have a problem with mental health and it is reported that that figure is closer to 1 in 3 in Leeds. Click here to read more

Woman kills children after Divorce leaves her financially stretched

January 15 2014

A woman in America shot dead her own two children and then committed suicide after failing to cope with the financial pressures that have come since her divorce. The situation was so bad that she had to sell her father’s watch to afford gas and groceries. Click here to read more

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